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Cross-domain requests

If you want to get data from TYPO3 for use on another website via the REST API, you'll need to explicitly tell the REST extension to allow access. You can do so by adding the necessary definition in plugin.tx_rest.settings. This step is necessary even if you're using a similar configuration elsewhere in the same installation: for example in .htaccess or a third-party extension like CORS.

By controlling the access in your TYPO3 installation, client-side workarounds (like JSONP in jQuery $.ajax) aren't necessary.


An example which will allow the local development site on port 3000 to make GET, POST and preflight requests.

plugin.tx_rest.settings {
    responseHeaders {
        Access-Control-Allow-Origin = http://localhost:3000
        Access-Control-Allow-Methods = POST, GET, OPTIONS

        # Inform the client that credentials may be used
        Access-Control-Allow-Credentials = true

        # Allow the client to send a `Content-Type` header for POST requests 
        Access-Control-Allow-Headers = Content-Type